About Us

What to Expect

It can be intimidating to visit a new church. What will they be wearing? How do they worship? Will I be welcome? Those with children have the added question and uncertainty concerning their kids feeling welcomed and enjoying their experience. At Crossroads, we understand the questions and feelings that surround your first visit to a new place. We make every effort to make you feel welcome from the moment you first arrive and every time you return.


After worship our Lead Pastor will begin our Sunday morning message. Our messages come simply from the the bible, as we apply God's unchanging truth in a verse by verse study. The service concludes with communion and a final worship song.  Many stick around for prayer, fellowship, and of course - coffee & treats!  

Announcements & Worship

A typical Sunday morning begins with live worship which lasts about 25 minutes. After worship, we do a quick run through of announcements.  Then we break for a moment to greet one another and refill our coffee.